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We are currently offering all applicants $100 off each course in the Title IX certification program for the 2020 sessions. To secure this limited-time offer, all you need to do is complete your online application and register to begin classes during the 2020 academic year by the deadline.

*Offer Details: A $100 discount per course is automatically applied when you sign up for any number of courses. The discount is available provided you complete an application, register, and make your payment for the course (or courses) by December 31, 2020. The discount is automatically deducted at the time of registration and payment.


Receive $100 Off All Courses in 2020! Click here for details.

Important Dates


Application Deadline

June 22nd

Next Session     

July 6th

Taught by leading practitioners in the field of Title IX Compliance

“I am so excited to be teaching in the Title IX program at Tulane. As a civil rights attorney and advocate for girls and women in sports, I am forever grateful to those who came before me, because I was part of the first generation that benefited from the passage of Title IX. These courses fill the gulf between what experts and laypeople know. Title IX compliance in athletic departments is relatively straightforward. The law should be readily accessible, but currently, it is not.”

—Nancy Hogshead-Makar, J.D. -CEO, Champion Women; Advocacy for Girls and Women in Sports

What students and the community say about Tulane University Law School

“Professor Shipper was excellent in delivering the lectures and live classes. Also, the material she selected was very current, and relevant. This is by far my favorite Certificate Course so far!”

—D. Horvath, November 2019