Title IX Education
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Instruction for busy professionals on current policy and law for Title IX compliance

No education-related compliance issue has proven to be more challenging, controversial, and consequential than compliance with Title IX. Schools throughout the country have important Title IX responsibilities and have been criticized—and in some cases sued—for failing to handle these matters with the diligence they deserve. The stakes are high for both institutions and members of school communities.

For the first time, well-known education law experts working in concert with Tulane University Law School have designed a gold-standard training program to professionalize the work of Title IX administrators. The certifications offered in this program are designed for education administrators and attorneys to enhance their knowledge of Title IX and develop best practices and critical skills necessary to professionally handle these important institutional obligations in a prompt, professional, and equitable manner.

“With the recent proposed changes to Title IX’s regulations and the non-stop litigation in this area, it became evident that Title IX personnel, education administrators, athletic directors, and attorneys alike all need a training program that combines essential Title IX legal principles with practical and unbiased advice on how to comply with Title IX in a fair and thorough way. We designed this program to do just that, providing our students with the foundations of the law as well as a deeper dive into the complexities of Title IX across the five specialization areas.”

– Joel Friedman, Director, Title IX Compliance Certification Program

Program Offerings

Each session runs for six weeks with a two-week break between new course starts.

Program Benefits

The Title IX Certifications from Tulane University Law School are built to educate and prepare administrators and attorneys to understand and successfully navigate the maze of complicated practical issues posed by this law.

  • The program is designed to be self-paced to work with your demands and schedule.
  • You will have access to national education law scholars and experts to thoughtfully discuss the legal issues that are implicated every time an institution addresses a Title IX matter. Learn to asses these issues with helpful frameworks provided by the experts.
  • Best practices on how to conduct thorough and equitable civil rights investigations and internal adjudications will be established, shared, and explored.
  • You will have access to Title IX athletics experts who will discuss the unique institutional obligations with respect to athletics and Title IX and provide a framework for ensuring institutional compliance.
  • Live access to instructors and peers around the country will be provided to all participants to discuss common issues and concerns.
  • You will have access to developments webinars and Title IX-related job postings.
Additional Information
  • Course requirements: Bachelor’s Degree with submission of official transcript
  • Our Title IX program is built with both asynchronous and synchronous components.
    • Asynchronous components consist of readings, pre-recorded lectures, discussion threads, multiple choice quizzes, etc. You may complete these sections at your convenience.
    • Synchronous components provide our students with the opportunity to participate in live, online classes and to engage with faculty and students in real time. Synchronous interaction provides our students with the ability to get to know faculty and other students in the program. Each course consists of 2 live classes per session. These live sessions will also be recorded, allowing you to revisit the session at a later date.
  • Degree Credit: No
  • Length: Each course runs for six weeks with a two-week break between new course starts
  • Commitment: 5 hours of student work/contact per week (30 hours total per certificate)


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Welcome Message from our Program Director

Important Dates


Application Deadline

June 22nd

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July 6th

Taught by leading practitioners in the field of Title IX Compliance

“I am so excited to be teaching in the Title IX program at Tulane. As a civil rights attorney and advocate for girls and women in sports, I am forever grateful to those who came before me, because I was part of the first generation that benefited from the passage of Title IX. These courses fill the gulf between what experts and laypeople know. Title IX compliance in athletic departments is relatively straightforward. The law should be readily accessible, but currently, it is not.”

—Nancy Hogshead-Makar, J.D. -CEO, Champion Women; Advocacy for Girls and Women in Sports

What students and the community say about Tulane University Law School

“Professor Shipper was excellent in delivering the lectures and live classes. Also, the material she selected was very current, and relevant. This is by far my favorite Certificate Course so far!”

—D. Horvath, November 2019